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TLE with Tereza

Talk. Learn. Enjoy! This is my method of teaching languages. Learning a new language should be a fun challenge, not a memorizing nightmare!

Want to learn a new language? Feeling confident while speaking a foreign language is essential. To feel confident, you need to practise the language. Make mistakes, gain confidence and most importantly – have fun doing it!

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About me

My name is Tereza and I’m from Prague in the Czech Republic. I am a full–time freelance language teacher.

I love foreign languages and travelling. I completed my Bachelor degree in English, French language and literature at Charles University in Prague. Then I spent six years in Paris, France where I completed my Master's degree in Tourism at Sorbonne University. I also spent eight months in Costa Rica working for a travel agency.

I have been teaching French, English, Spanish and Czech for the last four years. My students are from all over the world and I love the connection and friendship that we make.

I have also started a Youtube channel for all foreigners who wish to study the Czech language.

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Payment is to be made 48 hours before the lesson by credit card (via the Payment Gateway) or via the bank transfer.

Lesson booking, change and cancellation (please read these conditions before buying):

You can buy a lesson directly on my website. After the payment we will schedule the time of the lesson.

As soon as the lesson is paid for and scheduled, the time and date of the lesson is considered as final.

If you cannot make it to the lesson, you can cancel it for free 24 hours before the lesson and we can reschedule it.

If the lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before, I will charge you the full price of the lesson.

If I cannot attend the lesson, you will not be charged for it and it will be replaced as soon as possible.

We both respect time and date of the lesson. If you come late, the lesson will end in the original time. If I come late, I will compensate my time to you.

Booking of the lesson or the package is final and therefore non-refundable.

Legal info:

Mgr. Tereza Přidalová
Jánského 5
15500 Praha
IČ: 88558452


Tereza es una profesora muy divertida y paciente. Siempre terminas conversando mucho y aprendiendo nuevas palabras. Puede explicar detalles en español y es muy respetuosa.

Pablo, an Ecuadorian student of Czech

Tereza is a wonderful teacher in any language. Very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating to her students.

Ash, an American student of Czech and French

Lessons with Tereza are always great. :) She always keep conversation going, so you don't have to worry about running out of topics you can talk about. Every time, when we have to end, because my lesson is over, I'm so surprised, that the lesson is over already. At the beginning, I was really shy to speak English. Now (after 9 lessons) I am much more confident to speak. I can guarantee you, that you won't regret any lesson with her! :)

Pavel, a Czech student of English

Tereza je velmi milá a obě dcery jsou z její výuky vždy nadšené. Mladší z dcer se díky ní do angličtiny zamilovala. Neustále se snaží mluvit anglicky i mimo lekce. I pro mne jsou její hodiny velkým přínosem a všechny tři se na její hodiny angličtiny vždy těšíme.

Lenka, a Czech student of English

I also teach at the French Institute in Prague.

Terku môžem ako učiteľku španielčiny len odporúčať. Konverzácie s ňou mi pomáhajú zbaviť sa strachu z robenia chýb a postupne získavam sebavedomie a upevňujem si slovnú zásobu, ktorú som sa naučila. Zároveň mi pomáha porozumieť gramatike ak niečomu nechápem. Sympatickým spôsobom "vytiahne" zo mňa aj to, o čom som si myslela, že neviem a pomáha mi obohatiť si slovnú zásobu. Polhodina mi ubehne veľmi rýchlo, nakoľko je vždy o čom hovoriť. Ja osobne som sa rozhodla mať s ňou hodinu dvakrát týždenne a zdokonaliť sa tak ešte viac. Vždy sa teším na ďalšiu konverzáciu.

Zuzana, a Slovak student of Spanish

Занимаюсь с Терезой разговорной практикой французского языка уровня А1-А2 в течении месяца два раза в неделю. Чувствую большую радость от каждого занятия. С ней легко и комфортно -это для меня самое главное. Движение вперед возможно только в таких условиях, когда с педагогом складываются доверительные и приятные отношения. Появляется естественное желание много говорить! я перестала испытывать стресс и могу что-то отвечать, когда говорю с носителями. Тереза очень внимательна, легко подстраивается под комфортный уровень языка и интересы. Время занятий всегда пролетает незаметно!

Alena, a Russian student of French

Tereza is such a good teacher! In the beginning, it was hard for me to speak English, but now I feel much more confident in the language and I feel like my accent has improved a lot!

Katerina, a Czech student of English

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Free course on Udemy

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